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Development of Fire Control Computer for Rocket Launch

You may download a PDF copy of this article from here.

Our customer is responsible for delivery of unguided rockets to intended targets. Customer was faced with a practical problem of training the user in operation of the firing mechanism such that the rocket can be launched to hit within the circular error probability (CEP) of the target. Zeus Numerix was required to develop software for fire control logic that would immediately give the user the desired direction of firing.

Various external factors affecting the setting for firing that needed to be included in the study were the effect of wind, range and position of the target, elevation of the firing mechanism above the reference line and elevation/depression of the target w.r.t. the reference line. Zeus Numerix had already estimated the aerodynamic data of the rocket using CFD analysis for its full flight envelope. Using these coefficients and in-house 6-DOF code, a firing logic was prepared. It gave the user the desired azimuth and elevation angle for a given set of field conditions.

Left: Firing logic installed on FCC Right: Rocket trajectory for various launch angles

Customer tested this fire control computer in the firing range for various firing angles and the software was validated against data from actual firings. The software gives desired results in real-time as the user will have to make quick decisions on the field. The software has now become part of the firing mechanism.

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