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Estimation of Aerodynamic Coefficients for AntiTank Guided Missile

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Our customer is the nodal agency for the production of munitions and missile systems. They are also involved in indigenization and design improvement of anti- tank guided missile (ATGM) systems. As an important step in design enhancement, customer wishes to characterize the aerodynamic of the current ATGM and establish its control law. Due to the underlying accuracy, it was decided to employ CFD technique for this purpose.

Zeus Numerix employed its proprietary CFD simulation tools for generation of aerodynamic coefficients. The structured multi-block mesh was generated using GridZ, whereas, in-house Navier Stokes compressible solver, FlowZ, calculated aerodynamic forces & moment at variety of flight speeds and angle of attacks. The results were analyzed for flow separation at blending surface, effect of fairings on drag and estimation of base drag. Similar study was carried out for an elongated configuration, wherein, reduction in drag could be attributed to reduction in flow separation region.

Left: Structured multi-block volume mesh of the missile and Right: pressure distribution on the symmetry plane

Customer was delivered with a detailed aerodynamic study report. The report analyzed the aerodynamics of two ATGM configurations by comparing respective drag accumulation curve. Moreover, the customer used the data for designing the wire-guided control law. The experience gathered in the current study has been put to use for ab-initio design of advanced ATGM.

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