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thumbnail Fan simuilation
thumbnail NASA rotor, 37 passages
thumbnail Low Re, thermally driven flow

thumbnail Fuel sub assembly
thumbnail High lift devices flow
thumbnail MAV

thumbnail Meshes for wing n flap
thumbnail Single Passage
thumbnail Temperture in sub assembly

thumbnail Wing body
thumbnail Dish Antenna
thumbnail Pressure Contours

thumbnail Streamlines showing wake
thumbnail Mass conservation affects range of velocities in pressure based solvers.
thumbnail Hypersonic Validation

thumbnail Geometry and a section showing velocity-magnitude contours.
thumbnail Adaptive mesh refinement in oct-tree grid.
thumbnail Conjugate heat transfer studies with 25 million pure hex cells using CFDExpert(TM)

thumbnail Geometry - CFD Analysis for Fan Duct Design and/or Optimization
thumbnail A partially opened multi-linked file, seen in ViewZ.
thumbnail Mach plot for double ramp Hypersonic air intake.

thumbnail Production Drawings.
thumbnail Scattered Magnetic Flux Magnitude for a Gaussian Pulse
thumbnail Panel separation results from our Cartesian solver. Coloured to Mach number.

thumbnail Pressure shown on missile and corresponding octree grid with layering.
thumbnail RANS Hypersonic Flow + Unstructured Mesh
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