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In its endeavour to provide world class engineering softwares, Zeus Numerix entered the field of Computational Electromagnetics, creating EMWaveZ - a solver for solving Maxwell's Equations and later on coming out with a suite, CEMExpert, for solving problems involving electromagnetics. Zeus now provides end-to-end services and solutions using its indigenous and customized CEM softwares.

EMWaveZ Visit PageEMWaveZ™ is a Finite Volume Time Domain (FVTD) electromagnetics simulation module that solves the complete set of 3D Maxwell's equations in scattered field formulation. Designed for computations of radar cross-section (RCS) of metallic and dielectric configurations in all possible frequency ranges, EMWaveZ is used for Antenna and Wave guide design.

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CEMExpert Visit PageCEMExpert™ is a general purpose electromagnetics software for studying the physics of interaction of electromagnetic waves with matter. It is extensively used for prediction of RADAR Cross Section (RCS) of aerospace and marine vehicles and analysis of antennas, reflectors and wave guides.

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