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CEMExpert™ is a general purpose electromagnetics software for studying the physics of interaction of electromagnetics wave with matter.

Presently, CEMExpert™ is being extensively used for prediction of RADAR Cross Section (RCS) of aerospace and marine vehicles and analysis of antennas, reflectors and wave guides. In prediction of RCS, CEMExpert™ accepts metallic surfaces covered with and without radar absorbing paints. Both thin and thick paint formulations are available. CEMExpert™ uses Finite Volume Time Domain (FVTD) with several numerical schemes calculating fluxes. It is parallelized for quick turnaround time and is capable of using several billions of cell. The software has been used in all the frequency regimes, be it Rayleigh, Mie or Optical. However, it is best suited for Mie region.

CEMExpert™ is a suite of three softwares:

  • GridZ, the grid generation module.
  • EMWaveZ, the solver module for calculating the complete set of Maxwell's Equation.
  • ViewZ, the post-processing module.

CEMExpert™ is CGNS compatible like all other softwares of Zeus Numerix. It can be used for optimization of shape for reduced visibility or for multidisciplinary analysis along with CFD and CSM.

FeaturesSome of the features of CEMExpert are listed below. For detailed feature list of a module please visit it's individual product page.

  • Portable on both Linux and Windows
  • Supports parallel processing for handling big problems
  • Tools & modules in CEMExpert can be customized for user specific applications.
  • Each module is extremely flexible and can be operated through standard formats.
  • GridZ
    • Supports Structured and Unstructured Grid Generation
    • Imports IGES, STL, DXF and CGNS file.
    • Exports TecPlot, Plot3D and CGNS file format
    • More...
  • EMWaveZ
    • Can simulate electromagnetic scattering in Rayleigh, Mie & Optical regions from complex configurations
    • Incorporates different radar absorbing material(RAM) properties.
    • Handles perfect electric conductors & dielectric materials in various frequency bands.
    • More...
  • ViewZ
    • Supports Structured /Unstructured 2D (Quads, Tris) and 3D ( Hexas and Tetras ) Datasets
    • Steady State Flow analysis
    • Supports both Vertex and Cell-Centre data
    • More...

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