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EMWaveZ™ is a Finite Volume Time Domain (FVTD) electromagnetics simulation module that solves the complete set of 3D Maxwell's equations in scattered field formulation. EMWaveZ™ is designed for computations of radar cross-section (RCS) of metallic and dielectric configurations in all possible frequency ranges. It can be used for Antenna and Wave guide design.

FeaturesFeatures of EMWaveZ are as follows

  • Standard and user friendly GUI.
  • Supports both structured and unstructured meshes.
  • Can simulate electromagnetic scattering in Rayleigh, Mie & Optical regions from complex configurations
  • Handles perfect electric conductors & dielectric materials in various frequency bands.
  • Incorporates different radar absorbing material(RAM) properties.
  • Ensures I/O portability of CAD data, Meshes & Simulation results through CGNS - an ISO file format
  • Visualization of surface currents through in-built post-processor.
  • Provides highly optimized parallel framework for electric size simulations.
  • Represents Radar cross-section in X-Y and Polar plots.
  • Exports numerical values of Monostatic and Bistatic RCS(for E, H-planes) values.
  • Useful in Antenna and Wave Guide Design
  • Cross platform compatible (Linux, Windows, UNIX, AIX, SUN etc)
  • Permits the use of thousands of CPUs in parallel
  • Customization available for industry specific problems
  • Can be used on different platforms such as Linux and Windows.

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