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Computational Fluid Dynamics has always been a strength of Zeus Numerix and with quality professionals providing services and solutions for applications across the industry vertical, it was soon realized that Zeus needed it's own set of Solvers and suites to better serve the customer. As a result, Zeus came up with its pressure based and density based solvers and also a suite to cover the entire task of grid generation, solutions and visualization.

FlowZ Visit PageFlowZ is an advanced CFD solver, ideally suited for variety of applications in almost every industry. It is offered as combinations of two modules, viz FlowZ - Density Based and FlowZ - Pressure Based, specifically tailor made for aerodynamics & thermal hydraulics analysis respectively.

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CFDExpert Visit PageCFDExpert is an advanced multi-purpose CFD software for engineering design. It has end-to-end capabilities from design to analysis. It provides accurate, fast, robust and efficient CFD solutions. CFDExpert enables engineers to build virtual prototypes and simulate the performance of proposed and existing designs,thereby allowing them to improve design quality in a cost effective and time saving manner.

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CFDExpert-Lite Visit PageCFDExpert-Lite is a simple and affordable Computational Fluid Dynamics software. It can be used to solve problems of external aerodynamics for automobiles and aircrafts, spacecraft aerodynamics, pressure variation in pipes, ducts, valves, pumps, flow over buildings and various other applications involving flow of liquids and gases.

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ZNTutor-CFD Visit PageZNTutor-CFD is an educational Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software designed to explain the complex science of CFD to novice users. It is aimed at Engineering students, professionals and anyone interested in the field of CFD to grab the fundamentals and at the same time learn in an interactive environment. ZNTutor-CFD is Freeware since 2016.

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