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CFDExpert is an advanced multi-purpose CFD software for engineering design. It has end-to-end capabilities from design to analysis. It provides accurate, fast, robust and efficient CFD solutions. CFDExpert enables engineers to build virtual protoytpes and simulate the performance of proposed and existing designs,thereby allowing them to improve design quality in a cost effective and time saving manner.

CFDExpert is a combination of three modules:

  • GridZ, the grid generation module.
  • FlowZ, the solver module.
  • ViewZ, the post-processing module.

Each module of CFD expert is a stand-alone module and is available separately. CFDExpert solves a problem using these modules successively.

Working of CFDExpert

The data supplied by the client is first passed through a sub-module of GridZ. It acts as an input tool to accept initial data for the problem statement. It accepts input as DXF, IGES, STL, Dicom formats and then converts these into suitable ones for CFD simulations. This output is then given to the grid generator of GridZ. It provides desired (structured or unstructured) mesh structure for the problem and also generates report files containing full informations of grids. GridZ also provides functionality to evaluate and visualize grid quality parameters.

CFD cycle in CFDExpert
General work flow followed in CFDExpert to attain a complete end-to-end solution.

Grid output generated here is now passed into the solver, FlowZ. This CFD solver provides solutions for pseudo incompressible PDEs in density based or pressure based manner according to the Input/Output requirements. It solves the problem using a versatile Navier-Stokes solver to simulate 2D and 3D flows. FlowZ allows the users for large range variations of Reynold Numbers and Mach Numbers and to choose from various turbulence models: Algebric, One equation or Two equations.

The Pressure/Density based solution generated from FlowZ can be visualized in ViewZ. This visualization software can generate scalar/vector topology, flow lines, contour plots and colour plots for the solution. Further analysis of data such as marking cutting planes, contouring, finding iso-surfaces, drawing streamlines and creating line plots and data probes can also be done in ViewZ itself.

Thus all these modules put together make CFDExpert a complete package for CFD problems which allows Design and Process engineers to rapidly and accurately validate their designs much earlier in the product development cycle.


  • Automobile, Aerospace & Marine Applications
  • Nuclear & Oil/Gas Industry
  • Turbomachinary, Pumps etc.
  • HVAC & Refrigereation
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Sports & Health Care
  • Building Design optimizations
  • Environmental Engineering

FeaturesSome of the features of CFDExpert are listed below. For detailed feature list of a module please visit it's individual product page.

  • Portable on both Linux and Windows
  • Facilitates repetitive jobs by using scripting
  • Tools & modules in CFDExpert can be customized for user specific applications.
  • Each module is extremely flexible and can be operated through standard formats.
  • GridZ
    • Supports Structured and Unstructured Grid Generation
    • Imports IGES, STL, DXF and CGNS file.
    • Exports TecPlot, Plot3D and CGNS file format
    • More...
  • FlowZ
    • Both Pressure based and Density based
    • Multiple frames of reference
    • Supports structured and unstructured
    • More...
  • ViewZ
    • Supports Structured /Unstructured 2D (Quads, Tris) and 3D ( Hexas and Tetras ) Datasets
    • Steady State Flow analysis
    • Supports both Vertex and Cell-Centre data
    • More...

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