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CFDExpert-LiteTM is a simple CFD software with features that can handle the majority of industrial CFD requirements. Derived from the powerhouse suite CFDExpertTM, by extracting key features that make CFDExpert-Lite simple to use but at the same time make it highly effective for industrial applications.

A Complete Package

If design quality is your target but your budgets are limited, CFDExpert-Lite is perfect for you! Besides being really affordable, it comes with 200 hours of guaranteed support including:
  • Guidance on solution methodology for a given problem statement
  • Help in identifying the most suitable meshing & solver parameters
  • Help in preparation of clean, water-tight CAD model
  • Creation of surface meshs
  • Use of parallel version & parallel machines at our premises for delivering solution
  • Help with post-processing data
    and more...
In other words, once you purchase CFDExpert-Lite, we shall remain committed to providing you guaranteed assistance whenever you face problems, thus saving you costly delays and getting you to market quicker.

To know more about our support package and to get trial copies, contact Mr. Abhishek Jain : +91 20 64 73 15 11 | e-mail: abhishek@zeusnumerix.com


The following types of computations are possible with the current version of CFDExpert-Lite:
  • Pressure Drop Estimation
  • Flow Path Analysis
  • Wake & Vortex Visualization
  • Force and Moment Calculations
  • Thermal Hot Spot Identification
With the above capabilities, it is possible to effectively tackle application areas such as:
  • Energy Sector
    Swirl inside Burner; Pressure drop in Flue Gas Ducts; Solar Panel Layout; Wind Turbines Blade Profiling; Cyclone Separators
  • Infrastructure & Construction
    Wind Engineering for Bridges & Towers; Tunnel Ventilation; Piping Layout; Pump Sump Design; Irrigation Equipment; Pollutant Dispersion
  • Fluid Machinery & Industrial
    Hydraulic Circuits; Control Valves; Blower Ducts; Heat Exchangers; Filters; Perforated Plates; Thermal Wheel; Dryers
  • Automobile
    External Car Aerodynamics; In Cabin Climate Control; Engine Cooling; Exhaust / Intake Manifold; Wiper & Mirror Loads
  • Chemical & Process Industry
    Static Mixers; Jet Mixers; Headers; Flow Distributors; Precipitators; Heat Recovery Devices
  • Educational
    Text Book Examples; Complementary to Laboratory Experiments; Learn CFD Best Practices; Graduate / Post Graduate Projects


  • Pre-Processing
    • STL surface mesh importer
    • B.C. label tool
    • Unstructured tetrahedral mesh
  • Modeling Capabilities
    • Incompressible flow
    • Steady-state flow
    • K Epsilon turbulence model
    • Heat transfer
  • Boundary Conditions
    • Velocity inflow
    • Pressure outflow
    • Iso thermal wall
    • Heat flux wall
    • Multiple flow & thermal BCs
  • Post Processing
    • Surface contour displays
    • Slicing planes
    • Vector displays
    • Iso surface displays
    • Path lines
  • OS Compatibility
    • Windows XP / Windows 7

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