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FlowZ is an advanced CFD solver, ideally suited for variety of applications in almost every industry. It is offered as combinations of two modules, viz FlowZ - Density Based and FlowZ - Pressure Based, specifically tailor made for aerodynamics & thermal hydraulics analysis respectively.

FlowZ works on most computer hardware / software combination and designed for parallel computing on PC clusters and HPC servers. Extensive restart facility is also available.

Click here for features of FlowZ - Density Based
Click here for features of FlowZ - Pressure Based

FlowZ - Density Based

  • Supports structured multiblock grid
  • 6 choices of numerical schemes (HLLC, Roe, Vanleer, StegarWarming, AUSM, AUSMPW)
  • Preconditioned pseudo incompressible for liquid, incompressible & low speed flow
  • Turbulence models
    • Spalart Allmaras
    • K Epsilon (Standard High Re & Chien Low Re)
    • SST
  • Sliding & deforming mesh
  • Multiple frames of reference
  • Non reflective farfield boundary conditions
  • Adiabatic / isothermal wall boundary conditions
  • Wall function for turbulent flow & thermal boundary layer
  • Steady / transient simulation using explicit / implicit time integration
  • Integrated post processing options & their monitoring
  • Zone specific initialization

FlowZ - Pressure Based

  • Supports general polyhedral mesh (Tetra & Hexa)
  • SIMPLE, SIMPLEC and PISO solution algorithm
  • K Epsilon turbulence model (Low Re & High Re)
  • Multiple frames of reference
  • Conjugate heat transfer
  • Boussinesq approximation for buoyancy
  • Range of thermal wall boundary conditions
  • Streamline periodicity

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