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ZNTutor-CFD is designed to be a learning tool for beginners in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) at the undergraduate level or for engineering trainees in companies. ZNTutor-CFD is freeware.

6 easy steps to learn CFD
Its main aim is to make the complex science of CFD easy and approachable for novice users and help them to understand the fundamentals using 1D and 2D problems. Earlier known as CFDTutor by the IITZeus group, ZNTutor-CFD is the new avatar from Zeus Numerix. CFDTutor underwent a complete overhaul with new added features and a complete interface change to become ZNTutor-CFD.

It operates in 2 modes - Wizard Mode and Interactive Mode. The Wizard Mode consist of sixteen common pre-defined problems taken from fluid mechanics text books. The software guides the user in providing the specifications for generating the grids, defining the solver control parameters and then finally visualizing the output. By the end of the complete procedure consisting of 6 simple steps, the user gets a complete idea about the CFD Cycle and with practice gets ready to move on to the next mode, i.e. the Interactive Mode.

In the Interactive Mode, the user can solve his own custom problems and has complete control over the grid generation, solver control and post analysis. There are number of tools provided for the user to create geometries according to his requirement and then solve it to view the results in the post-processor. The post processor consists of an array of tools to analyse the problem thoroughly.

Benefits of using ZNTutor-CFD

  • Aims to train beginners in executing complete CFD cycle.
  • Cost effective tool for setting up labs.
  • Multiple options for grid generation, simulation and post-processing.
  • Aids in analysis of flow field problems.
  • Provides numerous parameters to experiment with CFD.
  • Provides hands-on exposure to simulation of complex problems.
  • Powerful, yet simple to use.

Scope of Application

  • Engineering Students to explore various topics in CFD while performing fluid mechanics experiments
  • Professors as a teaching aid to demonstrate flow motion especially as the fluid model changes from simple to complex.
  • Cost effective tool for training engineers to simulate fluid flow, interpret results and effectively apply it to industrial problems
  • Engineering Institutions can creatively use ZNTutor-CFD to complement some of the experiments; or substitute expensive or difficult-to-carry out experiments in a full-fledged Fluid Mechanics laboratory.

Important Disclaimer

This is freeware provided by Zeus on "as-is where-is" basis. This is just a pedagogic tool and does not come with any type of warranty implied or otherwise. The tool is for learning CFD and not for industrial consultancy.

FeaturesGiven below are few of the features present in ZNTutor-CFD

  • Reinforces basic concepts of fluid mechanics and heat/ mass transfer using computer simulation.
  • Host of 1D and 2D problems
  • Reads files in cgns, stl and parametric format.
  • Supports structured and unstructured data.
  • Displays various physical and non physical phenomena during run time like point of separation, wake formation etc.
  • Visualization Algorithms
    • Color Plots
    • Vector Plots
    • Velocity Vector Plots
    • Scalar Plots
    • Iso - lines
    • Stream lines

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