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GridZ™ is a grid generation software designed for meshing of computational domains. GridZ™ can create multi-block structured grids for high fidelity simulations on one hand and time saving unstructured grids for quick simulations on the other. GridZ™ is a powerful tool to help those who prefer to write their CFD codes for simulating their own physics.

This multi-block structured grid generator produces thousands of 2D, Surface Blocks and 3D Blocks and millions of Grid Points within days so that complex topology of the flow domain required is correctly and easily captured. Mesh/Grid quality display is supported with a variety of mesh quality parameters.

GridZ™ provides several methods of generating unstructured grids. Conversion of triangles to quads or polygons or direct quad generation, is built into the module. Editing operation with unbelievable speeds can be executed.

FeaturesThe functionalities are currently grouped in two categories - General and Customized.


  • Supports Structured and Unstructured Grid Generation
  • Imports IGES, STL, DXF and CGNS file.
  • Exports TecPlot, Plot3D and CGNS file format
  • Incorporates: Hybrid Grid, Moving Grid, and enables the user to develop specialized meshes suitable for his industry vertical.
  • Requires very short grid generation time, ensures speedy execution of CFD projects and yet it yields a fast and accurate simulation.
  • Is modular, user-friendly, easily-manageable, modifiable (to include new features), robust and consistent
  • Meets the common requirements of all CFD package users and provides easy to use and readily available tool-tips
  • Is unbeatable in its ease-of-use in advanced CFD grid generation, is expandable for future utilities and addresses CFD simulation problems of the next decade
  • Supported by multiple platforms: Linux, MS Windows and Macintosh, and is therefore widely applicable;


  • Automatic Grid generation for Missiles
  • Automatic Grid Generation for Fuel Pin Bundle of Fast Breeder Reactor
  • Automatic Grid Generation to Design a Ceiling FAN

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