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ViewZ is the Visualization Software used by Zeus Numerix for analysis and interpretation of all data generated and for providing services to it's customers. It started off as an in-house development for specific visualization needs of the company. With the addition of numerous algorithms and tools, it turned in to a stand-alone Visualization Software for viewing data related to Computational Fluid Dynamics, Electro-Magnetics, Corrosion, Structural Analysis and other grid based applications.

ViewZ is also supplied as the Visualization Tool in the CFDExpert package. Based on Customer's needs, ViewZ is customized for specialized customer requirements and supplied for catering to their post-processing needs.

FeaturesThe functionalities are currently grouped in two categories - General and Customized.


  • Supports Structured /Unstructured 2D (Quads, Tris) and 3D ( Hexas and Tetras ) Datasets
  • Reads CGNS, zeus, vwz File Formats
  • Supports both Vertex and Cell-Centre data
  • Steady State Flow analysis
  • Command Line Support and off-screen rendering
  • Visualization Algorithms such as
    • Iso-surface
    • Section Cuts - Planar, Cylindrical
    • Iso-lines
    • Color Plots
    • Vector Plots
    • Streamlines
    • Surface Streamlines
  • Tools like
    • Line Probe
    • Data Probe
    • Point Probe
    • Surface extraction from Volume Data


  • File readers for UNV, VTK and customer specified file formats
  • Tensor Visualization
  • Adding user-defined Property fields based upon present properties

Downloads ViewZ 1.3 is the 'current' version and these are the executables and documents associated with this version of the program.
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