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Application Specific Automated CFD Software

In most of the industries change in products are at least from the flow requirements is minor at best. All the newer products look the same or have a particular way of defining it like a missile is always a slender, a car is always streamlined etc. Since the shapes are self similar and have flow characteristics that have similar flow physics it is possible to break down the product into various parameters and create newer definitions of the product using the same parameters.

ZN has realized that in such cases where the industry sticks to only one kind of product it is not useful to adopt a generic CFD software and repeat a whole lot of manual processes. ZN develops custom made CFD software for niche applications where the user can fill a parameter based form that results in automatic generation of surface and volume mesh. Since the physics is also known grids are suitably made dense at required places and coarser at others. The software is also linked to high performance computing systems for automatic multiple simulations.

Image/Photo/Illustration Automatic software for simulation of nuclear reactor core

ZN has been successful in deploying software for simulation of missiles where the software can automatically create various nose shapes, blending surfaces, fins (curved and straight), canards, couplers, wire tunnels etc just by filling a form. The whole process of mesh generation takes approximately five minutes and a structured multi-block volume mesh is created with wall clustering. Similar software have been made for nuclear reactor core, winglets, SCRAMJET intake with 44 parameters etc. This has resulted in simulation execution time coming down from weeks and months to within a day generating considerable savings.

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