Zeus Numerix undertakes product design projects from the customer. In these projects, the end goal is defined mutually and Zeus Numerix undertakes the development of a product that has thermal, mechanical and fluid dynamic characteristics. To test the product, required sensors, etc. are integrated by Zeus Numerix and their output is visualized. A few examples of design are cyclone separator, compressor redesign for weight and cost reduction, tractor trolley, etc.

Design Approval Studies

OEMs in the Automotive sector and developers in water, energy and construction sector require certification from independent consultants on the product or installation. Simulation studies are done based on experience to estimate system performance in various operational scenarios. The comprehensive report is submitted to the end customer or government authorities. In case the product does not qualify in verification, the report is submitted after design changes.

Engineering Simulation Services

Customers may not have an in-house simulation team or may not have the expertise. Zeus Numerix studies the requirement and clearly explains the assumptions and their impact on the simulation results. Many times the analysis requirement is unconventional and requires setting up of simulation procedures. The analysis report is submitted to the customer with recommendations on areas to be further investigated.

Custom Software Development

The industrial sector has severe time constraints and they request Zeus Numerix to develop custom software for a particular application. The project starts with a detailed SRS that has to be approved by the customer. The document contains validation procedures, tentative GUI and results format. Software is delivered that generates automatic PDF report in a mutually agreed format. Training and support are given for the agreed time.