Power plants and heavy machinery sector faces issues of power consumption, thermal and pressure loading, ducting arrangement and structural safety. Zeus Numerix has experience in reducing pressure in ESPs and bag filters, cooling tower fan design, heavy machinery design, casting process design and value engineering. Zeus Numerix customers in this sector are power plant operators, fan manufacturers, machinery manufacturers and EPC consultants.


Fluid machinery encounters problems like cavitation, eddies, water hammer, low discharge coefficients etc. Zeus Numerix worked on simulation and design of valves, pump sump, impeller, turbine, and desalination plants. Zeus Numerix developed composite material seawater pump that has better corrosion and wear resistance. Zeus Numerix customers include irrigation consultants and suppliers, valve manufacturers, pump companies and sump designers.


Reliability, comfort and cost are important in the mobility sector. Zeus Numerix has verified the design of sub-systems for static and vibration loading, simulated ventilation, thermal issues, shock absorber, vehicle aerodynamics, composite part designs, and specialized software development. Zeus Numerix has ab-initio designed an agricultural trailer with 20% lower base and weight. Zeus Numerix customers include vehicle OEMs, electronic and mechanical sub-system suppliers and R&D laboratories.


Construction and infrastructure sector has comfort and safety requirements. Zeus Numerix addressed safety issues with fire-smoke simulation in high rise buildings, basement parking ventilation to remove CO and suggested ventilation layouts. Simulations have been done for outdoor units to estimate thermal stacking and change of layouts. Zeus Numerix works with building owners, MEP and HVAC consultants, fan suppliers and architects.