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Aerodynamic Analysis of Air-to-Air BVR Missile

Our customer is a premier Defence organization that develops state of the art missile systems. They are engaged with development of beyond visual-range air-to-air (BVR) missile. Being guided to hit a moving target, it undertakes high angle of attack maneuvers at supersonic speeds. It was thought that presence of external protrusions like wire tunnels and launch shoes may generates lateral instability making it difficult to guide the missile. In order to maintain control effectiveness through guidance algorithm, it was therefore, necessary to characterize the lateral forces and rolling moment on the missile at extreme flight conditions.

Flow features around the supersonic BVR missile

Zeus Numerix recommended high fidelity turbulent viscous CFD simulation of the missile as flow separation and its interference was expected due to presence of multiple control surfaces. Zeus Numerix opted for its proprietary pre-processor (GridZ™, structured multi-block mesh), CFD solver (FlowZ™, compressible and parallel) and post-processor (ViewZ™) modules of CFDExpert™ for the simulations. The simulation matrix of 31 CFD runs, as well as grid independence and validation studies, was completed within two months on in-house HPC.

Customer was provided with tabulated static aero- dynamics coefficients along with a detailed and thorough analysis of results including component loads and it characteristics. The forces and moment from protruding components as a function of Mach number, angle of attack and missile roll orientation was of particular interest to the customer as it helped to modify the guidance law.