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Analysis of Cold Air Velocity Test for Boilers

Our customer provides wide range of engineering services to power generation companies. They undertake Cold Air Velocity Test (CAVT) for boiler during regular maintenance shut-down. The aim of the test is to ascertain the uniformity of flow inside boiler. The analysis leads to identification of regions where boiler tubes would have eroded, thereby either replacing them or installing screen during maintenance shut-down.

(a) Boiler Schematic and CAVT Location (b) Flow Uniformity as measured by CAVT

Zeus Numerix has been engaged with its customer for analysis of CAVT data. The data consist of velocity measurements at various sections inside the boiler. Analysis includes preparing the contours of sectional velocity profile and identifying the regions which are either starved of the flow or where local velocity is high. CFD analysis of corresponding boiler setup is carried out. It helps in determining the location and size of screens by which flow can be diverted / aligned.

Customer is delivered with systematic analysis leading to recommendations on regions where boiler tubes should be replaced. On approval of report by plant officials, our customer carries out replacement of tube and installation of screens. Upon replacement, CAVT is conducted again to confirm that flow uniformity has indeed been achieved.