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Analysis of Radome During Severe Storm for Structural Integrity

Our customer is a defence laboratory involved in the design and development of inflatable protection shelter solutions. The shelter would be used by the defence forces and disaster relief personnel. The shelter had a special requirement to be used in cyclonic conditions, where it was desired that the shelter maintain its structural integrity and its shape even under these high wind loads.

Pressure Distribution around Radome at 120kmph wind load (a) Front Side (b) Back Side

Zeus Numerix carried out an Aero-Structural analysis on the shelter for approval. CFD simulations were done for 120 Kmph and 360 Kmph wind speed to obtain the pressure forces on the structure. Simulations were also done to obtain minimum, normal, maximum and burst pressures. The pressure distribution was mapped on the FE model and Stress analysis was carried out with material assumed as a membrane that could expand in pressure. Through simulations, it was noted that the Radome could sustain wind speeds of 75kmph with an internal pressure of 400Pa and 105kmph with an internal pressure of 900Pa.

The study shown above is using publicly available simplified shape and structural model of Radome. The simulation results similar to design expectations were obtained and delivered to the customer. From simulations, it was found that a flatter top profile of Radome reduced the suction pressure & hence, improved survivability at high wind loads. The results gave the customer confidence on the boundaries in which the inflation pressure can be given and how the shelter will sustain in the wind.