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Assessment of Heat Transfer Using Jet Impingement

Our customer is the leading manufacturer – exporters of amorphous alloy ribbons. The production of ribbons is through a process which involves rapid cooling of a 5mm thick moving copper plate. Cooling arrangement comprises of an elaborate jet nozzle arrangement through which coolant is made to impinge on the plate. Customer desired to improve the cooling rate by optimizing the nozzle arrangement. Since, manufacturing and physical testing of multiple arrangements was costly; CFD simulations were employed to assessment.

(a) Typical process for strip casting (b) Temperature on upper wall of channel

Zeus Numerix employed, CFDExpert-Lite™, its proprietary CFD software for simulations. The domain that comprised of flow channel around plate and jet nozzles was meshed using structured multi-block. Mesh was refined up to viscous sub-layer so that high gradients and recirculation zones are captured. Wall functions that are not valid for such flow features were not employed as they could have affected the heat transfer estimates.

Customer was delivered with a detailed scientific analysis report that described the dependence of heat transfer coefficient on parameters of jet cooling arrangement. During the study, the distance between nozzles, distance between nozzle-plate, diameter of nozzles and option of staggered / inline arrangement of jets were varied to obtain optimum design. The improved performance of cooling systems was confirmed by undertaking actual trials of ribbon production.