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CFD Analysis on Poker Table Ventilation Towards Smoke Mitigation

Our customer is a North American consultancy for ventilation. They are working on improving the comfort level in a casino. The playing area in the building are subjected to heat loads due to concentrated presence of humans and machines. The air becomes more uncomfortable due to smoking of inhabitants while playing. Player discomfort may lead to shorter engagement time of the players and hence the customer desires an effective ventilation mechanism in play areas of the building.

Streamlines for both cases

Preliminary analysis showed that slot area and poker table area would have discomfort issues. CFD analysis was done to find the flow pattern, smoke distribution and temperature profile across the area. This was done for both base and hybrid ventilation layout. It was seen in the current design that the fresh air hits vertically down and sweeps along the floor thus creating high concentration of smoke over the table.

Hybrid ventilation case was devised. The CFD results for isolated slot machine area sub model and isolated poker table sub model show that the Hybrid ventilation concept delivers a much-reduced concentration of smoke compared to base case ventilation layout. In isolated poker table sub model CFD result it was observed that Hybrid ventilation case reduces average smoke concentration by 70percentage while in Slot area case Hybrid ventilation reduces average smoke concentration by 57 percent.