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Conceptual Design and Performance Analysis of Naval Arrester System

Our customer is a reputed manufacturer of custom designed and engineered systems to the needs of core and Defence sector. They were engaged with design of a system to decelerate an underwater moving body by dissipating its kinetic energy into hydraulic twisters. The sizing of the twister i.e. rotor / stator dimensions were to be determined based on the loads arising out of this unique application. There were no off-the-shelf solutions available for this requirement.

(a) Concept of Underwater Arrester (b) A typical hydraulic twister construction

Zeus Numerix started with a system level modeling of the arrester system that included design parameters like net stiffness (primary and safety), tape elasticity, inertia of moving mass. This time transient code generated important data such as impact load on the body, deceleration distance, tension on net / tape etc. Accordingly, hydraulic twister was designed; efficacy of which was verified based on CFD simulation.

The customer was delivered with the design of hydraulic twister which met all the severe constraints posed by its unique application. The customer fabricated twister and other components of arrester systems and successfully tested to their satisfaction of their end clients. Using an innovative simulation approach, Zeus Numerix delivered a solution that could not have been obtained from anywhere else.