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Customized Software for Aero Structural Analysis of Flight Vehicles

Our customer is a premier Defence organization involved in the development of state-of-art rockets and launcher systems. They have been performing structural analysis on their artillery rocket designs based on empirical calculations for aerodynamic loads. There was a need to incorporate more realistic modeling of aerodynamic loads for conducting more accurate structural analysis. Accurate aerodynamic loads can be generated easily using CFD. There was thus a need to bridge the gap between CFD outputs and structural analysis inputs.

(a) Hybrid volume mesh generated using CFD package (b) Schematic of load transfer

Zeus Numerix developed a generic software package to facilitate the CFD analysis of the flight vehicles based on unstructured hybrid meshes. The software accepts surface meshes in STL format as input, and is able to generate boundary layer and tetrahedral meshes with minimal user intervention. The CFD solver developed is capable of handling the entire flow regime. A tool to transfer loads generated by CFD onto FEM meshes was also developed and integrated.

The customer was provided with the generic package for conducting aero structural analysis. For their rocket configuration, aerodynamic loads from CFD were directly imported in third party FE analysis package for structural analysis. The client is now able to carry out critical structural analysis at peak flight condition without any assumption on aerodynamic loads.