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Delivery of Customized Software for RCS of Partially Open Cavities

Our customer is a research organization engaged with technologies of signature management or low-observability of airborne platforms. They perform measurements of radar cross section (RCS) from partially open cavities. To minimize RCS interference from surrounding structure, these cavities are created on and IEEE defined almond shaped geometry. To supplement experiments, the customer desired a RCS software custom developed for partially open almond cavities.

(a) Custom Software for Almond Cavity (b) Mono static Farfield RCS Pattern

Due to moderate electric size of cavity, Zeus Numerix offered its proprietary Finite Volume Time Domain (FVTD) Maxwell equation solver for far field and near field RCS calculation. The almond shape and the cavit shape were parameterized given the constraints. GUI was developed in coordination with customer that would generate a structured multi-block mesh automatically for the given geometry parameters. Software was given intelligence to generate mesh as per the incident EM frequency and geometric shape with greater mesh density at corners.

The software was validated for several IEEE shapes where analytical results were available. Validation was also done on geometries that were tested experimentally. The custom-built RCS software was commissioned on large scale parallel computing facility. Studies were done to find the scale-up obtained on the facility. Customer experienced many fold increase in productivity due to automation ensuring frequency specific meshes and no manual operations. Software is being used for optimization of intake ducts.