Case Studies

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  • Naval Systems
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  • Design Approval
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  • FEM

Design Calculations and Structural Analysis of Slew Crane

Our customer is engaged with heavy material handling equipment for naval applications. They were engaged with design of 8 ton slew crane and needed verification of this design according to Bureau Veritas rules. Further, on preliminary approval, requirement was on Finite Element based structural analysis for optimization of man-hole dimensions at crane pedestal. Customer sought an experienced team with prior know-how to carry out above calculations and FEM analysis

(a) General Arrangement of Slewing Crane (b) Stress Distribution Plot Near Manhole

Zeus Numerix followed through the clauses of BV rules to calculate thickness of load carrying parts, pedestal and stiffeners. Influence of hoisting motion, slewing motion and environment conditions were accounted to load factor estimation. A number of load cases were designed. Stability / strength criteria were checked against them. For structural analysis, load was applied on hoisting point. Manhole plate thickness was varied to ensure stress same as against without manhole.

Customer was delivered first with calculation report that concluded that constructional arrangements comply with BV rules. Maximum stress for pedestal and boom were less than allowable and hence design was given approval for fabrication. Design recommendations for manhole design were used in realized design.