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Design Review of Mechanical Timer

Our customer is an Indian multinational engineering company with interests in automobile, power, oil and gas, aerospace, construction etc. They are engaged with development of mechanical timers which are critical safety component for arming of Defence devices. Due the severe restriction of quantity of metal content in devices, it is necessary that the timer is made up of plastic, but still robust enough to withstand shock, vibrations and drop. The customer sought an independent design review that employs numerical analysis to confirm the reliability of their design.

(a) Pallet-Escape Wheel mechanism (b) Stress distribution on gear teeth

Zeus Numerix developed a mathematical model for timer that simulated escapement mechanism and calculated torque balance between gear elements to estimate time of operation. It was followed by Finite Element based analysis for robustness of timer housing and stress concentration on gear teeth. Finally, a sensitivity and parametric analysis was conducted to identify critical design parameters effecting performance and robustness of time design.

Customer was delivered with a detailed design review report suitably supported by mathematical calculations and simulation results. The outcome of the study were incorporated in a design document and submitted to end client. This study helped our customer to obtain a go-ahead for bulk fabrication of timer devices.