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Design Verification of Naval Subassembly for Shock Load

Our customer is a large private company that delivers custom-built solutions in high technology engineering and manufacturing domain. They were engaged with design and fabrication of CO2 adsorption unit for a naval platform. The major concern was to verify the structural integrity of proposed assembly which had to withstand continuous vibration and high shock load. Design verification through FEA was a mandatory requirement before fabrication of adsorption units can be undertaken.

(a) Schematic of CO2 Adsorber Skid (b) Shock load profile on Skid

Zeus Numerix adopted an approach where the skid was modeled as shell elements and bulk components were modeled as point masses with rigid connection to the skid. The model was analyzed for shock loads (equivalent static and transient dynamic) and vibration loads. Skid design was strengthened by introducing stiffeners in the regions of failure. The selection of stiffeners was such that they add very little weight to the adsorption unit.

Zeus Numerix supplied a final consolidated design verification document to the customer. It accompanied the customer to end-client’s site and presented the simulation approach and supplied analysis files for their approval. The project was completed within stipulated time and cost and to the fullest satisfaction of the end-client.