Case Studies

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  • Custom Software Development
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  • CFD

Development of Simulation Tool for Condensate Pump

Our customer is the leading provider of steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions to the process industry. They are engaged in design of condensate pumps which uses captive hot air / steam to pump the feed water into the boiler of a power plant. The operational aspects of this pump depend upon the geometrical sizing of pump and upon various process parameters of captive fluid and feed line. The customer felt a need for a mathematical model to simulate the pump working and to understand its dependence on design and process parameters.

(a) Typical arrangement of a condensate pump (b) Changes to feed level during a cycle

Zeus Numerix derived a mathematical model that represented the physics during the valve and port opening / closing operations during a pump cycle. The system level simulation was made possible by implementing the mathematical model into a ‘C’ code. The model was validated against experiments by comparing the cycle time. A series of studies were done by varying each of the 30 different process parameters as input to the code. The tool outputs detailed transient variation of parameters like shell pressure, temperature, feed flow rates etc.

Customer was supplied with a customized numerical simulation tool to analyze the performance of a condensate pump design. It removed the need to undertake series of experiments for arriving at an optimum design. The tool leads to savings for the customer in terms of both resources and time.