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Electromagnetic Performance Optimization of Rail Gun Configurations

Our customer is a research organization developing advanced technologies for electromagnetic launch of high energy projectiles. The system, commonly known as ‘Rail gun’, is being optimized for material, weight and launch performance against the constraint of available power bank. Candidate design configurations were chosen by customer based on contemporary systems. A detailed electromagnetic-structural simulation was desired to choose the best concept among many candidates and optimize the best concept.

(a) Schematic of Rail gun operation (b) magnetic field vector and current density

Zeus Numerix developed a novel methodology for simulating the millisecond transient phenomena within which Mega amperes of current is developed by discharging capacitor. Corresponding governing equation i.e. current diffusion equation was solved for Scalar potential. Biot Savart Law is used for initial guess of magnetic field in conductor. Time derivative of H is obtained by solving RLC circuit using NG-SPICE. Governing equation for H is solved using Poisson solver. Curl of H gives current and magnetic flux is evaluated by constitutive relation of material.

Customer was delivered customized Rail gun design software. It included a module to map Lorentz force distribution into ANSYS as body forces for structural analysis. Quasi static analysis was conducted to simulate the forces on the rail gun containment structure during the travel of armature. Optimization of rail gun configurations was done that paved way for hardware realization and testing.