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Hydraulic and Thermal Analysis of Control Valve

Our customer is a global manufacturer specializing in highly engineered flow control devices for mission critical systems. They are engaged in constant re-engineering of their control valves for catering to the needs of developing markets. One such valve is required to operate at 350oC. The customer decided to verify Cv and temperature attained by critical components of the proposed design using numerical simulations, a cheaper and quicker alternative compared to prototype fabrication and testing.

(a) Flow pattern inside the control valve (b) Finite element model for thermal analysis

Zeus Numerix performed hydraulic analysis on its proprietary general purpose CFD package, CFDExpert-Lite™. The simulation was carried out using in-house developed Incompressible flow solver on unstructured mesh. The thermal analysis was performed using ANSYS v12. Apart from higher order thermal elements like SOLID90 and Solid87, the FE model also contained contact and sliding elements between the surfaces.

Leveraging of its prior experience of simulation such system, Zeus Numerix accomplished the work package within tight time schedule and limited budget with customer. Customer was provided with flow coefficient, Cv, of the valve. The loss of pressure as the flow moves inside was analyzed. Temperatures at various components were reported to customer. All of them were found to be within the operating limits of the material.