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Hydro Structural Analysis of Buoy Cover

Our customer is a large private company that delivers custom-built solutions in high technology engineering and manufacturing domain. They were engaged with design and fabrication of buoy covers for a naval platform. The major concern was to verify the structural integrity of proposed design which had to withstand the hydrodynamics and buoyancy forces. They sought design verification through high fidelity simulation methodology that does not make any assumption on input load magnitude and captures local details of Buoy Cover design.

(a) Pressure distribution over Buoy Cover (b) Stress distribution

Zeus Numerix identified the following approach for design verification. First a Hydrodynamic analysis was performed using CFD, from which the distribution of pressure forces on buoy cover was generated. This distribution of forces was mapped on FE model of Buoy Cover using proprietary load transfer module. A static FE analysis for buoy cover along with other components like hinges, lock assembly and pins was performed. High stress and displacement locations were obtained.

Zeus Numerix identified the critical areas of failure suggested design modification to the customer. One more set of Hydro-Structural analysis was carried out for the modified design and it was found to be safe in terms of stress and deflection. This enabled the customer to go ahead with the fabrication of Buoy Cover with full confidence on design integrity.