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Life Estimation of Hydro Spring Type Recoil System

Design and development of weapon and ammunition system for artillery requires among other things, robust design of recoil systems. Reliability of the recoil system being of utmost importance has to be studied. India is undertaking design of state-of-the-art artillery systems; hence Zeus undertook a study project to enhance its capability in the field. Objective was to re-assess the performance and life of recoil system using latest simulation tools and methodology.

Stress concentration zones on piston rod

Zeus Numerix developed a system level dynamics code that solves for force balance on recoil system. Thus, by accounting for hydraulic, spring, frictional and inertial forces, the run-out distance and transient load on piston were calculated. The dynamic code was further improved by using the hydraulic resistance data as obtained from detailed CFD simulations. In this case, the hydraulic oil flowed through a severely constricted orifice of area ratios greater than 50:1. A transient stress analysis of piston rod revealed the zones with high stress concentration. Finally, life of recoil system, in terms of number of fires, was calculated using stress life approach. The approach employed S-N curve for a given material.

The generic system tool for numerical analysis for recoil system has been developed. The simulation tool caters to various types of recoil systems for different types of guns. The tool can be readily used for design of recoil system.