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Simulation of Induction Heating Furnace

Our customer belongs to the RandD division of a Fortune 500 company that is focused towards design and performance optimization of Induction Heating Furnace. This furnace uses concentric circular coils to generate magnetic field and eddy currents for heating of metal in the crucible. A mathematical model of induction heating furnace was sought by customer to help him analyze the distribution of heat generation and temperature.

Distribution of power in induction heating furnace

Zeus Numerix developed a specialized and custom tool for simulation of furnace based on solution of Maxwell’s equations. A 2-D finite volume time domain technique was used to simulate the problem and to determine the vector potential distribution in the domain. The problem was simulated at GHz frequencies and a current of kA magnitude was passed through the coils as input. The tool simulated magnetic field, induced currents and heat generation inside the furnace.

The customer was delivered with the power and current distribution in the furnace. It was found that the maximum power dissipated was in the heater, which was expected. The customer used the power dissipation output to estimate temperature distribution and benchmarking of simulation model with experimental observation.