Case Studies

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  • Energy
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  • Custom Software Development
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  • CFD

Software for Performance Prediction of Electrical Tubular Heating Systems

Our customer is a leading centre for the manufacturing of electric tubular heaters and heating systems. The customer wanted to develop software which works out the design of tubular heater systems by considering all thermal dynamics factors. The software was required to have the capability to optimize heater sizing, optimize the life of the heater and suggest optimum solutions by considering all thermal input factors.

GUI for HeatMaster Software

Zeus Numerix designed and developed custom software which provided heat transfer calculations for any selection of fluids under STP or positive pressure as required. The software could solve for both circular and rectangular types of duct heaters. The user could input various parameters such as inlet and outlet temperatures, element dimensions and configurations, cold zone, baffle dimensions etc. Based on the input, the software can directly prepare a sketch of the heater cross-section.

The software solved for full and reduced load with and without considering fouling. All heat transfer calculations with relevant empirical relations and calculation methodology could directly be exported in required formats. The software was validated against multiple data samples from the customer. The variation of output was found to be less than 5% variation from sample output.