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Software for Preliminary Design of Solid Propellant Rocket

Quick performance analysis of design of slender body projectiles in particular, rocket and missile is a primary requirement for our customer in Defence industry. Aerodynamic calculations and structural estimation is the starting step in the design cycle. At present, two approaches for aerodynamic calculation, namely wind-tunnel tests and CFD, are available at client’s disposal, but both of these methods are expensive and time consuming. Theoretical prediction of aerodynamic performance comes as an alternate to save time and money.

(a) Snap shot of rocket design software (b) Predicted range and velocity profile

Zeus Numerix developed customized software, which has four modules namely: Aerodynamic, Structural, Internal Ballistics and Dynamics integrated through a common user interface. The Aerodynamic module was purely based on empirical relations. The structural module estimates the inertial properties of various components of the rocket. The internal ballistics tool produces the pressure-time curves for finocyl grain configuration. The dynamics module uses the outputs from the other three modules and predicts the max range and velocity profile.

The customer was provided with the customized software. It is a GUI driven software which a designer can use to produce preliminary design for solid propellant rockets. The software has now become an integrated part of the design process of a solid propellant rocket.