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Value Engineering for Weight Reduction of Portable Compressor Canopy

Our customer is an industrial group with world leading position in construction and mining equipment. For their product line comprising of portable air compressor, they were engaged in activities leading to reduction in material weight and fabrication cost. These were to be done without sacrificing design robustness and performance. The customer wanted a third party to independently review and thoroughly analyze the design to make recommendation.

(a) Typical portable air compressor (b) Stress patterns on main lifting beam

Zeus Numerix initiated the process of value engineering by making a list of components, their functionality, fabrication process and associated cost. Thereafter, major load bearing components like lifting beam, bottom frame and cover were identified. These were subjected to finite element analysis. Size, shapes and sections were varied and analysis was carried out iteratively till design with least material requirement was obtained.

The customer was delivered with detailed fabrication drawings of the optimized canopy design. This design had 27percentage less weight and 14percentage less fabrication cost. Physical load tests were further conducted by the client to confirm the design robustness. Similar modifications were done by client on other compressor sizes.