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Wind Load Estimation for Roof Top Solar Panel Array

Our customer is engaged with providing consulting solutions to their end-client towards the installation of solar panel on building rooftops. Prevailing regulations restrict the add-on mass that can be installed on roof-tops, hence it was desired to lightweight the supporting structure of solar panels.

(a) Pressure Distribution on Solar Panels (b) Deflector Plates for Reducing Wind Loads

Zeus Numerix carried out CFD based simulation study to estimate the precise wind loads that would come on solar panels. The solar panel array featured deflector plates for panel on first row & edges to minimize the wind loads. Forces that were computed on each of the solar panel and deflector plates were subsequently used for FEA based structural analysis.

The customer was delivered with a report containing wind load data for winds from eight different directions. The effect of flow separation at the edge of the roof & its effect on wind load was discussed in detail. The customer used the wind load for the structural design of the support structure, which had severe weight constraints due to permissible additional load on the existing building.