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Laser Threat Detection with Optimized Sensor Location and Decoy

Our customer is a Defence laboratory engaged in cutting edge research on LASER Technologies and its applications. The lab is entrusted with the protection of important facilities from incoming LASER guided threats. It is imperative that threats coming from all possible directions be detected soon. To achieve this, sensors have to be deployed in a cost-effective manner. After the detection, mechanisms have to be put in place to protect the target.

Original trajectory of threat, detection and activation of decoy

First the atmospheric attenuation of the LASERs from aircraft was calculated and the consequent location and spot size on the target was estimated. Diffused reflection was also calculated based on the material properties of the target. Using multiple simulations for various locations, sensor locations were optimized. Decoy location was optimized depending upon seeker behavior.

Customer was delivered a custom made software that will be used for analysis of various high value targets. Each target will have minimum number of sensors installed as given by the software for maximum possible protection. Probability of detection by each sensor was also given as a result. For each target and threat, unique location of decoy is given. Software is being used for protection of confidential installations.