Computational Fluid Dynamics

Product development or certifications involving flows are not deemed complete without CFD reports. Accurate CFD requires validated software, experienced user and knowledge of best practices. Development of in-house CFD software and experience of 200+ CFD projects makes Zeus Numerix the preferred partner to engage.

Finite Element Analysis

All products subjected to static, dynamic, random vibration and shock loads are verified using FEM simulations. Model formulation, element selection and arriving at correct boundary conditions is critical. We have experience over wide variety of products, multiple material models and our consultants make our offerings unique.

Computational Electromagnetics

CEMExpert software has been developed by Zeus Numerix. We can analyse the products for radar cross section, help seeker machine learn using CEM simulations, wave guides and antenna performance etc. Zeus Numerix also undertakes specialized software development like material mixing for effective EM properties.

System Dynamics and Control

Zeus Numerix has developed several codes for the dynamics of projectiles including rockets, mortars, and artillery shells etc. Full fire control computer/range tables have been developed and delivered. Zeus Numerix has very good expertise in controls and guidance algorithms development for guided rockets and missiles.

Design Optimization

Product design requires inputs from multiple disciplines. Previous approach of each department conducting simulations is not valid anymore. MDO requires domain knowledge, HPC set-up, choice of appropriate optimizer and reasonable accuracy simulation modules. Zeus Numerix owns simulation tools, parallel computers and optimization framework.

Design for Manufacturing

Zeus Numerix is employing its simulation capability to connect to the last mile of design – the production drawings. Zeus Numerix has a team of experts and consultants doing functional design, geometric dimension, tolerance and optimization of cost. Zeus Numerix has partners to realize and test the product in metal and composites.

Engineering Software Development

Non-conventional simulations require development and conventional simulations require process automation for saving time & effort. Prior experience in engineering software and benchmark cases are required for successful development. Zeus Numerix, developed 4 major and 20+ custom software creating algorithm, coding and project management expertise.

Non- Conventional Math Models

Customers in varied fields like dental, climate, air quality, HVAC, blast etc. require software development as a service (SDAAS). Domain experts collaborate with engineering software developers to translate their vision into a simulation software. Zeus Numerix works right from literature survey to customizing existing modules and develops the software.