Zeus Numerix undertakes projects that start from only the problem definition or mission requirement from the customer. The problem is mathematically formulated and Zeus Numerix engages in preliminary design, critical design and final design for manufacturing. Once the drawings are complete with all geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, Zeus Numerix engages its partners to fabricate the prototype. The product is then tested at the customer place and delivered.

Design Approval Studies

Indian and Foreign OEMs, sub-system suppliers need certification studies for the product to be integrated on Airborne or Naval systems. Zeus Numerix finds applicable standards to the client equipment. Simulation studies and comprehensive analysis reports are submitted to the certification agencies like CEMILAC/DMDE and technically defended. These reports and other testing documents lead to certification.

Engineering Simulation Services

Preliminary product design is usually carried out by the customer Research and Development team. Estimating performance requires multi-disciplinary simulations. Strategic products require non-conventional simulations that are done using proprietary custom tools developed by Zeus Numerix. Deliveries to the customer are based on the flexible engagement model that may include submission of a report, optimization simulations or design suggestions.

Custom Software Development

Simulation problems in the Strategic Sector are usually non-conventional where existing commercial software is inadequate. Zeus Numerix reviews research papers to formulate the problem mathematically, chooses the appropriate numerical method for simulation and develops the code and GUI in the most suitable programming language. Verification and validation are done using literature cases or experimental data. Software executable or source code is delivered along with the support of one year.