Aerospace Systems

Modern Aerospace Systems are becoming increasingly complex and inter-connected, while still being expected to meet stringent performance, reliability, and safety requirements. Zeus Numerix has been addressing design, integration and certification aspects of wings, landing gears, external sensors, adapter beams and air-borne stores over air crafts, helicopters, and UAVs. The design team of global OEMs, Tier-I suppliers of critical aerospace sub-systems and companies involved in military aircraft upgrades have engaged Zeus Numerix.

Land Systems

Weapons engineering deals with sophisticated combat equipment, structures, vehicles and communication systems which are specifically designed for warfare, having no civilian application. Zeus Numerix has developed a deep understanding of design basis for ammunition, small arms, artillery, armoured vehicles, their subsystems and corresponding system engineering. We have supported designers and manufacturers of weapon systems with multi-disciplinary solutions for product development and performance enhancement.

Rockets and Missiles

Designing a rocket or a missile is driven by its mission specifications i.e. payload configuration, flight regime type, propulsion system and trajectory requirement. Zeus Numerix has achieved multi-disciplinary capabilities for design and development of aero-structural configurations, guidance kits, solid propellant motors and fire control computer. We have been a partner to strategic research groups and associated subsystem developers in advancing the state-of-the-art technologies for next-generation products.