Zeus Numerix Builds Own HPC Cluster

Zeus Numerix is famous for its scalable simulation tools and also holds the distinction of solving the largest mesh size in India at 4.2 billion. Many of these problems require large computing resources. Zeusians also have a great zeal for innovation in everything so they took upon the task of designing a lean and functional high performance computing system that also looks great.


The result, a 56 core, 112 GB RAM parallel machine (seen in the image above). The chassis was designed in-house with an aim of easy maintenance and maximizing the number of nodes into the package. Thus the PCZ-1600 chassis holds 7 micro-ATX main boards in a space of 88 cm x 58 cm x 40 cm.


Following are the benefits of having computing system designed by Zeus Numerix


i. The system does not require special power arrangements. Any normal and decent power supply can run the system

ii. Size of the current system is equivalent to one working table space and hence it can be kept anywhere, no special rooms are required to be created for the same

iii. The machine is always in a close physical proximity to the user of the computational codes providing better control

iv. Fluid studies have been done on the system and place of fans and their capacities have been optimized. In case of room temperature ambient air being available to cold side of the system, the AC requirements are Zero to minimal. This alleviates the need for large air conditioning systems and special power requirements for them

v. The system is twice as economical as (as per our estimates from field) comparable systems in capital cost. Savings in running vis-à-vis large HPC systems are also accrued. Manpower costs required for maintaining large systems is also saved

vi. Multiple such systems can be created and joined to make large HPC infrastructure

vii. The system can be operationalized in very short time

viii. The system can be controlled and operated using remote login from anywhere in the INTRANET if requisite permissions are given

ix. Cooling arrangements were optimized and adequate number of high quality fans provided to ensure long life of the system.