Zeus Numerix gets CEMILAC Certification Renewal

Zeus Numerix is proud to announce that its CEMILAC Certification has been renewed for 3 years w.e.f. 01 May, 2018. It is an honor to be certified by DRDO as a major Design Company in the field of Aeronautics Design and Analysis. DRDO is one of the prestigious organisations of our Country and we are proud to have been working with them on various projects.

ZN has shown its capability and knowledge by doing various projects for the DRDO, being the main reason for the renewal. Some of the projects done for DRDO are as follows:


  • Store Separation from the Aircraft
  • Estimation of Inlet Flow Distortion for Supersonic Aircraft
  • Design and Analysis of Composite Landing Gear


  • Projects on design and analysis of Artillery
  • Trajectory Correction of Rockets
  • Analysis of Muzzle Brake of a Gun


  • Hydrofoil and Control of Ships
  • Stealth assessment of Full Scale Naval Systems
  • Designing and Research on various projects by Navy