Zeus Numerix Invited for Innovation Meeting with US Secretary of Defense

US Secretary of Defense Mr. Ashton Carter’s recent three-day visit to India shows the commitment both the countries are putting into their relationship. One of the highlights of this growing cooperation is the enthusiasm with which the secretary himself is engaging with Indian Innovators.


FICCI was required to choose ten ‘best of the best‘ innovative companies for a meeting to be chaired by the Secretary of Defense. Zeus Numerix is privileged to have been invited for this closed-door meeting for showcasing its award winning innovation in “Numerical Simulations”. During the meeting, Zeus showcased the many innovative works executed for the Indian Defense industry in the past 12 years and how we toiled to become the “No. 1 know-why company” in the strategic sector in India. Zeus also expressed its aspiration to work in collaboration with Skunk Works, TARDEC, Naval Sea Systems Command etc. for US DoD projects.


Both the Indian and US Governments have promised to aggressively support innovation and to create a mechanism to support a highly innovative company like ours.